Moody McCarthy is a word smith. (Or "wordsmith", if it's one word.) Anyway, he loves crafting jokes. Good thing he's a comic: he'd be an annoying surgeon.Ever since Moody began honing material in the 1900s people have predicted stardom for him. Well, those people have been debunked. But Moody kept honing (he's a honer) and became a superb stand-up comic. Based out of New York, he's left crowds wanting more {Hey, is that an insult?} all over North America and even Asia. With his playful take on everything from the allure of women with raspy voices to the joys of crossing time zones, Moody is bankable in any venue. No gimmicks, just straight set-up & punch. But don't let Moody's decorum fool you: he's no candyass. He's been seen on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," "," "Conan," "Dry Bar Comedy," ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," CBS's "Star Search" and "The Early Show," MSG Network, The Style Network, "Late Show w/Letterman, and Comcast Comedy Spotlight." You've also heard him on "The Bob & Tom Show" and was a sportscaster on WYYY.