A John Edward "group" event is reading intensive. There will be question and answer sessions and messages from the other side.

There are two different ticket levels for this event!
Regular Admisson tickets are $100. This ticket is good for the two hour John Edward event.
VIP tickets are $175. Each ticket includes a one year membership to Evolve. Your membership will be activated at the event (you must have an email address to activate an Evolve membership, no exceptions). If you are already an Evolve member you will be given a renewal/extension to your membership. For information on what's included in the membership please see the information at the bottom of this event listing. Also included in the ticket price is the opportunity to stay after the event for "Just Five More" an intimate conversation, question and answer session with John and the other Evolve members. This event lasts 20 minutes right after the regular scheduled event. In addition to that each person holding a VIP ticket will get to bypass the regular line and join a special line just for attendee's with the VIP ticket. (This does not apply to preexisting Evolve members, only people who purchase the VIP ticket for this event). Once "Just Five More" is over people holding a VIP ticket will also get to meet John and have a photo taken with him that will be available on our website as a free digital download. (The photo opportunity is only available to people purchasing "VIP Tickets"). There are only a limited number of these tickets available to each event!

Seating is general admission for this event. All seating will be on a first come, first serve basis. Attendees holding the higher priced VIP ticket will have the opportunity to bypass the regular line and join a priority line.

No one attending any John Edward event is guaranteed a reading.

This event may be filmed.

Evolve Member Benefits
Each new member will receive a welcome package mailed to them. Renewal memberships will receive a renewal package. Also members will receive a login and password to unlock that will allow them to view John's new show "Evolve With John Edward" each week. In addition to watching the show, members may be called to be on the show or awarded tickets to be part of our in studio audience. Also each month five members of Evolve are awarded private readings, another five members are selected to win free tickets to an upcoming events and an additional five members get appreciation packs sent to them with a selection of John's products. Once you unlock with your login and password you will also have instant access to the numerology, tarot cards, symbol cards, meditations, discussion boards and more. Throughout the year there are special members only events and offers and contests that take place as well. Each week you will be sent an Evolve Member email that will alert you to what's new and happening!
There will be an exclusive private event after the regular event called "Just Five More" for members of Evolve and VIP Ticket Holders. "Just Five More" is an intimate conversation, question and answer session with John and members of Evolve. As a member of Evolve all instructions will be given at the event on how to check in for the exclusive event. (This is open to all VIP ticket holders as well as pre-existing members of Evolve)!All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be offered once tickets are purchased. Please check your order for accuracy before hitting the confirmation button.