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Texas Ren Fest

Texas Renaissance Festival - 2024 Formal Tea Table (High Tea) (Please Choose Date)

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: Tea and Strumpets, Todd Mission, TX

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Tea and Strumpets at the Texas Renaissance Festival
Formal Seated Tea Events in our Upstairs Dining Room

Planning a day of adventure without exhausting everyone too soon is no easy balancing act; and with this year being the 50th Anniversary of TRF, planning ahead is a must. Visit with us to enjoy the experience of blending High Tea and Fantasy in a spacious, tranquil setting.

High Tea is your relaxing counterbalance to a high energy, fun-filled day. Perched high in the trees on the covered dining deck, this full meal experience will satisfy even the most discerning of your party members. With its generous presentation of decadent temptations, both sweet and savory, paired with a bottomless pot of our Tea du’jour, you will find something for everyone. And, should the desire arise, a full menu of Craft Cocktails is available to order through your Hosts at the upperdeck Bar.

Choose your seats, and gather with friends old and new. This event is hosted once a day at the 3:00 o’clock hour. It is perfectly timed to provide a moment of respite before continuing into your fun filled afternoon. 

We regret that we cannot accommodate allergy related dietary needs, as we cannot guarantee the items to be free of cross-contamination.

** If you have ambulatory restrictions that keep you from being able to go up stairs, please choose the “Limited Mobility” table option when choosing your table. We will set up a special place for you on the ground level.

Nonticketed park visitors will not be allowed upstairs during Tea Events, which also helps us maintain the safety and cleanliness of the upstairs dining area.

***Important!!! Make sure your festival entry tickets are for the same day as your tea tickets.