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Texas Ren Fest

Texas Renaissance Festival - 2023 Absinthe Tastings

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: CC, Todd Mission, TX

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** Must have TRF Admission Ticket prior to arrival in order to attend Tastings**

Welcome to TRF’s first multi-sensory entertainment and social experience, The Wyrmwood Public House, where the worlds of French Bohemia, retro futuristic steampunk, and copper mining saloon culture, collide with burlesque, sideshow, magic, and more. Wyrmwood features the only authentic craft cocktail bar and climate controlled three story building at Faire.

Prepare your palette for the finest tasting experience this side of the Victorian Era.  Here at the Wyrmwood Public House, featured Libation Connoisseurs from The Green Hour shows will guide you thru a salacious discovery of the star of Wyrmwood...Absinthe. Let yourself melt into their capable hands as the history of a bygone era and this whimsical indulgence collide in your mouth.  It surely is an experience for the only the most refined Bourgeoisie.

Times: 12:30pm & 2:30pm
Fee Per Person: $50 + processing fee

Location: Wyrmwood Public House, Booth #225, Upstairs
Number of Absinthe Samples: 4

*The Public House is an ADULTS ONLY, 21 and up establishment. No minors/children are allowed. Intoxicated individuals will be refused entry with no refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS. Valid ID required. All TABC Rules apply.

*Please be aware that like any Traditional Victorian Public House, we have a doorman. His job is to ensure that everyone entering is following the rules and ready for an amazing experience. *Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the show time so that your tickets can be validated in a timely manner.  Since the Tasting occurs in an operating retail space, we invite you to have a look around as you await your journey's first tastes!

*Access to the Wyrmwood Public House requires the ability to climb stairs.

Online sales for the weekend close at 12:00am Saturday (and Black Friday for last festival weekend) - please visit in person to purchase after this time.