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Texas Ren Fest

Texas Renaissance Festival - 2023 Pub Crawl

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: CC, Todd Mission, TX

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** Must have TRF Admission Ticket prior to arrival in order to attend Pub Crawl. **

If you are purchasing tickets THE DAY OF your desired Pub Crawl, you CANNOT purchase them online. Upon your arrival to the Festival, please go directly to the DragonSlayer Souvenir Shop, booth 163 (just inside the Front Gates) and purchase them in person.

Duration of Pub Crawl:

2 hours



$45 + processing fee


Number of Pub Crawl Stops: 4

Number of Drinks Included: 4 (10 oz tasting pours)


Wee Nip About the Drinks: Each Pub sets their own drink choices well ahead of time.  There are no substitutions allowed.  There are usually at least 1 or 2 pubs that offer a cider option, but not all do; and mead is never an option.

Please meet at least 15 minutes before your crawl start time at THE TAP, booth 162, with your e-ticket and photo ID. Also note that it is wise to give yourself a little extra travel time when heading to the Festival.  The Pub Crawl has a prompt start, we are unable to delay the start of this event.

*You must be 21 or older with a valid ID to participate in the Pub Crawl. If we cannot verify your age, you will not be allowed to participate. TABC rules apply. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Festival is Rain or Shine, and so is the Pub Crawl. As a rule, once purchased, there are no refunds for tickets.

*Paid Ticket is Required to Participate in the Pub Crawl, regardless of whether or not the participant is drinking.  Remember, this is a show and experience, not just a chance to drink!

Online sales for the weekend close at 12:00am Saturday (and Black Friday for last festival weekend) - please visit in person to purchase after this time.