Texas Renaissance Festival - 2021 The Green Hour

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: CC, Todd Mission, TX

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** Must have TRF Admission Ticket prior to arrival in order to attend Shows**


Welcome to TRF’s first multi-sensory entertainment and social experience, Wyrmwood Public House, where the worlds of French Bohemia, retro futuristic steampunk, and copper mining saloon culture, collide with burlesque, sideshow, magic, and more. Wyrmwood features the only authentic craft cocktail bar and climate controlled three story building at Faire. Come enjoy a cocktail, indulge in one of our absinthe or tequila tasting parties, or share a drink with the internationally acclaimed performers of The Green Hour. Whatever your fancy, your senses will be gratified.


Never before have three whimsical worlds collided on one stage. Welcome to Wyrmwood, where absinthe creator, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire, transports you to a time when indulgence was king, courtesans were worshipped, and the five senses could be stimulated by a mere sip of sweet ecstasy. World renowned sideshow entertainers, burlesque beauties, comedians, and aerial superstars will become intertwined in Doctor Ordinaie’s home spun tale of the Green Fairy and intoxicating green aperitif in The Green Hour.


Show Times: 4:00pm, 6:00pm


Pricing: Varies based on Seating (You will be able to choose your seats in the check out process)

Location: Booth #225, Upstairs


Seating Announcement: This year your Green Hour Experience will be booked on a per table basis or by individual seats, depending on the section in which you would like to sit. For sections with per table seating, this means that the entire table is booked as a unit, and you get to bring your guests to fill your table's seats. You will have all tickets for your table and can distribute them as you wish. This allows us to address your party as a unit and allows you to leave seats empty if you wish. For sections with individual seating, this means that each seat is booked as an individual seat.  In these sections you can buy as many or as few tickets as you would like to accommodate your group.


When you are prompted, you will be able to choose your available table/seats. Pricing for tables is based on the number of seats at the table and the caliber of the vantage point. Pricing for individual seat is based on the caliber of the vantage point.


*Access to the Wyrmwood Public House requires the ability to climb stairs.


***The Public House is an ADULTS ONLY, 21 and up establishment. No minors/children are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Valid ID required. All TABC Rules apply.