Texas Renaissance Festival – Airy Botter Escape Room

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: Escape Room, Todd Mission, TX

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Airy Botter & the Sorcery School Headmaster’s Office
Your Headmaster, ‘Almost Stumbledoor’, needs your help!
The school is being attacked by non-copyright-infringing dark forces, and you must get word to the Department of Magic! Can you rescue Boarcorn’s Academy in time?!

“Airy Botter” is a brand-new, 20-minute Air Conditioned Escape Room adventure at the 2020 Texas Renaissance Festival within the new Enchanted Forest expansion!

This parody of a fairly well-known franchise is an exciting, fun introduction to escape rooms or a quick, challenging diversion for seasoned ‘escape artists!’

Sessions run every half hour, and you will have 20 minutes on the timer to finish your mission.

Experienced groups can request a “Boss-Level” adventure, which will have an additional more difficult puzzle to complete in the same period.

Ticketing is online-only, for pre-paid reservations, private sessions with a minimum of 4 people, maximum of 8. Sessions will show “4 available” until you book that minimum, then you can add more to your group. If space is available on the day-of, you will be able to book online up to 1 hour before the session.

Your entire group will need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled time for introductions and rules.

This escape room is for folks 13+ in age, please. Though the content is not “PG-13,” per se, the difficulty level and fragile nature of the puzzle design is constructed for the non-child crowd. One adult parent or guardian must be in the room with those under 18.

IMPORTANT: If you’re late, you will forfeit your session time, or have your time available on the clock reduced.
Make sure your festival entry tickets are for the same day as your Escape Room tickets! GA tickets are limited this year, so make sure you have that taken care of first!

For more information: https://trfescaperoom.com/