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Texas Renaissance Festival - 2019 Scotch Tasting (Please Choose Your Tasting Date)

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: Scotch Tasting/Royal Bourbon & Rum Tastings, Todd Mission, TX

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Royal Scotch Tastings
An experience Fit for a King!

Tastings on the hour starting at 10AM and ending at 7PM. Patrons may also purchase a glass of scotch any way they like it and enjoy it in the shop. 21 and over only-please drink responsibly.

Shops 61 & 521

Patron Experience

Patrons will learn everything they ever needed to know about Scotch.

-Our Guests will taste six different Scotches from the different regions of Scotland.

-What is a Scotch and how is it different from other whiskeys.

-What are the main Scotch producing areas and why are their Scotches unique.

-Introduce the Gaelic word 'Slainte' and how to toast with Scotch.

-The origins of the word 'whiskey'.

-How much Scotch is produced, sold and consumed each year and where.

-Why we love to age Scotch in Bourbon barrels.

-Scotland and Scottish history.

-A great time is had by all.

Quote from a patron last year… "This is definitely the place to be!"

A Great time will be had by all

Please stop by one of our shops to sign up for a time slot for the date you have
chosen. Shop 521 or Shop 61

$26 Per Tasting of 6 Kinds of Scotch or $12 Per Glass