Texas Renaissance Festival - 2019 Wander Women Package (Please Choose Date/Time)

Texas Renaissance Festival - Vendors: Tea and Strumpets, Todd Mission, TX

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New this season:
Our Wander Women scavenger hunt is the most immersive way to experience the entirety of the Village of Newmarket, within the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Join us near the front gate, on the upstairs deck of Tea and Strumpets at 10am on the day of your reservation. Your group will receive morning mimosas or mocktails, and your scavenger hunt materials. We will turn you loose on the festival with matching garlands and a list of items you must “collect” with photos and videos.

You’ll return to Tea and Strumpets after 5pm with at least one of your party having completed the quest. Your prize upon completion is a pitcher of one of our signature cocktails for every 4 participants as well as a chance to enter our Instagram contest for tickets to next year’s festival for everyone in your group.

Group photos can be done on the deck, or using your discount code for Whimsey’s Muse Photography Studio located nearby within the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Our reservation policy is based on promptness. The events within the tearoom are tightly scheduled, and thus it is important for us to run on time. Please have your entire party present at the designated time of your reservation. We will be unable to seat any parties arriving 20 minutes after your reservation time. This is to ensure we can provide you, and all of our customers, an excellent service to make your visit with Tea and Strumpets a memorable one.