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Toast-a-Ghost Pub Crawl

Yuma, AZ
United States
Show at 7:00 PM
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ADMISSION Public Onsale: April 8, 2019 12:59 PM to May 17, 2019 7:00 PM

Spirits are certain to follow you on this tour through Yuma's historic downtown. Ghost Host, Jonathan Close, will share tales from old Yuma's dark side as you traverse from pub to pub. Come for an evening of haunted history...with a cherry and swizzle stick!
To enhance your tour experience, kindly download the free Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector app.
Please Note:
- This is an age 21 and over tour (ID Required)
- Alcohol is not included in ticket price. Some pubs accept only cash. Kindly bring cash for drink purchases.
- Wear foot-friendly shoes.
- Please arrive 15-minutes prior to start time.
Enjoy the night and drink responsibly. Please arrange for a designated driver or service for safe transportation home following the tour.

Cancellation Disclosure:
In case of cancellation, notification at least 48-hours before the event date is required for a full refund. Please call 928-782-1841 or email
State of Arizona Waiver of Liability Disclosure:
Participant hereafter referred to as “Party” is voluntarily participating in the Toast-a-Ghost Pub Crawl; hereafter referred to as the “Event.” The Party(ies) further understands and assumes all risks in participating in the event. In consideration of the Parties participation in the event, the Parties, HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE THE STATE OF ARIZONA, AND ITS DEPARTMENTS, AGENCIES, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, UNIVERSITIES, OFFICERS, OFFICIALS, AGENTS, AND EMPLOYEES, (hereafter referred to as the Released Parties) OF ANY LIABILITY ASSOCIATED WITH PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT. To the extent allowed by law, the Parties agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the State of Arizona, and its departments, agencies, boards, commissions, universities, officers, officials, agents, and employees (hereinafter referred to as “Indemnitee”) from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses (including court costs, attorneys’ fees, and costs of claim processing, investigation and litigation) (hereinafter referred to as “Claims”) for bodily injury or personal injury (including death), or loss or damage to tangible or intangible property caused, or alleged to be caused, in whole or in part, by the negligent or willful acts or omissions of the Parties. It is the specific intention of the Parties that the Indemnitee shall, in all instances, except for Claims arising solely from the negligent or willful acts or omissions of the Indemnitee, be indemnified by the Parties from and against any and all claims. It is agreed that the Parties will be responsible for primary loss investigation, defense and judgment costs where this indemnification is applicable. The Parties agree to waive all rights of subrogation against the State of Arizona, its officers, officials, agents and employees for losses arising from participation in the event.

Venue Location: 240 South Madison Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364
Available Ticket(s): 30

240 South Madison Avenue
Yuma, AZ
United States