Twilight Tour

Carolina Tiger Rescue, Pittsboro, NC

Sold Out / Not Available

Tours start March 13, 2020! Tickets now available!

Are you looking to see powerful predators in a whole new light? Then join Carolina Tiger Rescue for an adults-only (18 years of age and older) Twilight Tour. Our trained tour guides will take you on a half-mile walk through the Carolina Tiger sanctuary. During your tour, you will be within just a few feet of beautiful animals including tigers, lions, caracals, and cougars. (All the animals are in their own habitats. You will not have any contact with the animals.) Your tour guide will share the individual stories of how the animal came to live at Carolina Tiger. You will also learn about the issues these animals face in the wild.

As many of Carolina Tiger’s residents are crepuscular (most active at dusk and dawn), Twilight tours allow you to see behaviors you may not otherwise get a chance to experience. From playing with enrichment items to lion prides calling to mark territories, your Twilight Tour is sure to be unique.


Available dates for tickets are shown on the calendar in white. Gray dates indicate days where tours are not offered or are already sold out. Tours tend to sell out approximately 7-14 days in advance.