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Butterfly Pavilion Entry

Butterfly Pavilion, Washington, DC

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Visit the Butterfly Pavilion to experience a tropical oasis in the middle of the National Museum of Natural History. It is always a picture-perfect summer day in the Butterfly Pavilion. The light is bright, the air is warm, and butterflies fly freely around the enclosure fluttering from one beautiful bloom to another and sometimes landing on visitors. During this immersive live butterfly experience, you will stroll along tropical plants and experience a rare opportunity – approximately 300 living butterflies from around the world gathered in one place, just for you!

The climate-controlled environment is kept at 80 °F, and 80% humidity. It is wheelchair accessible. However, neither strollers or tripods are permitted in the space. Once in the Pavilion, there is nothing but air between you and the butterflies. You can get very close to these beautiful creatures, watching them fly and feed on fruit and nectar. A case of hanging chrysalides makes it possible to see crumple-winged butterflies emerge as adults, pump fluid into their wings, and eventually fly off.

Ticket revenue supports the facility and keeps the Butterfly Pavilion operating. All profits generated through Butterfly Pavilion ticket sales directly supports education, research, and the mission of the National Museum of Natural History.