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Foundation Performing Arts Center

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Encore Society - MEMBERS

When you become an Encore Society at the MEMBERS Donation Level you receive: 

~ Access to purchase tickets prior to general public and to those in the lower donation levels for the upcoming Foundation Series Season*.
~ You will receive a total of twelve (12) tickets to the shows of your choice in the upcoming Foundation Series Season* (max four (4) per show). 
~ Your name will go on a banner posted in the Foundation Lobby and on a slide that is shown before every show for the duration of the upcoming season.
~ You will receive two (2) free bottles of water or soft drinks at each show attended (donor card provided). 

*The Foundation Series Season only includes performances that the Foundation sponsors. All shows put on by outside renters are not included in this offer unless they agree to allow early access for our members. A list of shows included in offer and early access dates will be emailed to all members before posted online.