[TOKYO] Gustav Klimt: Vienna-Japan 1900

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一般 [当日] GENERAL [DAY OF]: JPY1,600.00
大学生・専門学校生[当日] COLLEGE STUDENTS[DAY OF]: JPY1,300.00
高校生 [当日] HS STUDENTS [DAY OF]: JPY800.00
65歳以上 [当日] SENIORS 65+ [DAY OF]: JPY1,000.00
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*Admission free for visitors junior high school age or younger
*Admission free for visitors HS students and College students only from 1 to 14 June.
*Admission free for visitors (and one accompanying person) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate
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Free entry for visitors of 65 years and over on 15 May, 19 June. Crowds expected.
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