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国立科学博物館(特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」)/National Museum of Nature and Science

特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」【平日限定音声ガイドセット券】-Special Exhibition WASHOKU (Weekday Ticket with audio guide)

特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」【平日限定音声ガイドセット券/ 観覧券】-Special Exhibition WASHOKU: Nature and Culture in Japanese Cuisine (Admission ticket)
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」【平日限定音声ガイドセット券/引換券】-Special Exhibition WASHOKU: Nature and Culture in Japanese Cuisine(audio guide voucher)



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- Preschool children are free of charge.
- Those who have a disability certificate and one caregiver are free of charge.
 Identification: Disabled Person's Notebook, Rehabilitation Notebook, Mentally Handicapped Person's Social Services Notebook, Disabled Person's Social Services Recipient Card, Medical Support for Independent Living Recipient Card, Atomic Bomb Victim Notebook, War Wounded Notebook.
- Those who have seen this exhibition can also see the permanent exhibitions (Earth Pavilion and Japan Pavilion) on the same day, but it is limited to the opening hours of the permanent exhibitions.

平日限定音声ガイドセット券: ¥2,500