森美術館/六本木ヒルズ展望台 東京シティビュー - Mori Art Museum/Tokyo City View,  ,



※お申込手続き後、「ご購入確認メール」をお送りしますので、 からのメールを受信できるよう予め設定をお願いします。

Tickets of Adults/Students/Children/Seniors are available from this webpage.

* A confirmation e-mail will be sent when the booking is completed. Make sure that your e-mail account setting allows the reception of e-mails from “”
* Select the date from the calendar and choose the time slot from the pull-down menu (availability is also shown on the menu).
* If all time slots of a day are booked up, you may not select the date on the calendar.
* You may not able to purchase tickets due to the simultaneous booking influx even if you could select the time slot.

入館時間 Admission Time Slots
①10:00~10:25 ②10:30~10:55
③11:00~11:25 ④11:30~11:55
⑤12:00~12:25 ⑥12:30~12:55
⑦13:00~13:25 ⑧13:30~13:55
⑨14:00~14:25 ⑩14:30~14:55
⑪15:00~15:25 ⑫15:30~15:55
⑬16:00~16:25 ⑭16:30~16:55
⑮17:00~17:25 ⑯17:30~17:55
⑰18:00~18:25 ⑱18:30~18:55
⑲19:00~19:25 ⑳19:30〜19:55
㉑20:00~20:25 ㉒20:30~20:55


・Please be sure to check in within the booked, designated time slot to avoid congestion when entering the facility. Otherwise, you would be allowed admission in the subsequent time slot ONLY IF it hadn’t booked up.
・Congestion is expected immediately after each time slot opens. Kindly note there may be a wait before admission.