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Legendary Cherokee

Mountainside Theatre

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688 Drama Road
Cherokee, NC
United States
“Unto These Hills” is an outdoor drama that stirs the soul nightly. With sensational artistry this critically acclaimed production portrays the gripping legacy of the Cherokee people through the zenith of their power, through the heartbreak of the Trail of Tears, and finally culminating in the present day where the Cherokee people continue to rewrite their place in the world: a place based in traditional Cherokee values and modern sensibilities. Thousands of years in the making, "Unto These Hills" covers ritual, betrayal, love, action, suspense, and loss. Talented actors adorned in gorgeous regalia dance, sing, and exhilarate amid elaborate sets complete with fog and fire, haunting music, and thundering surround-sound effects. "Unto These Hills" Closed on August 13th for the 2016 season. We'll see you in Summer 2017!